About Us

Majlis Education Trust

The Majlis, has made great inroads into the territory of religious revival in the state and has made hefty contributions to its educational and cultural domains. In founding the Majlis, the trust had envisioned an educational system which frames Islam as a complete system of life. As early as 1950, the trust was making a conscious effort to set up an edifice of education that it had been holding dear for long. In the meantime a number madrasas, secondary schools and colleges have been set up by social workers across the state. It was in this context that in 1979 Majlis Education Trust was launched primarily for supervising these institutions and secondly for embarking upon a programme of renovation and standardization of the curricula offered by them. Right now, the Majlis undertakes a number of activities such as preparing the syllabus and year plan, publishing of text books, holding of inspections, orientation programmes and examinations, conduct of distant education programme, cultural fests and teacher welfare programmes. Those who rendered able leadership in the field of Islamic education in Kerala since the inception of the Islamic Movement were: KC Abdullah Moulavi, P Mohammed Abdul Jalal Moulavi, T Ishaqali Moulavi, and T.K Abdullah.They formulated a curriculum and syllabus combining traditional religious disciplines and selected topics of modern education.


Religious education system is bound to restructuring to acknowledge the change our society has undergone during the past few years. The traditional teaching system, which keep off the new media and technology, in the religious education system can no longer draw attention of the new generation towards learning Islam. As Madrassa running time could not be in conform with school timings, children fails to attend religious education system. At present, there are limited system to impart religious education to those who could not attend religious education in their life and NRI children who are almost deprived from Islamic teachings. Hence a generation who have no basic learning in Islam are growing up in the community.We have grown up to an age where our new generation use computer, internet and gadgets at ease. Imbibing upon the popularity of technology, we wanted to solve the aforesaid problems. We have envisaged an 8-level course, designed as per the Majlis Education Board syllabus. The design is expected to impress students from primary level to post graduate level alike. People of any age group can take advantage of the course and acquire scholarship in relgious studies.


Retain Fitrah (pure nature) of your child

Conceive the basics and learnings of Islam

Character formation

Training in Islamic manners

o Animation videos, games and quiz competitions make study materials easy and enjoyable

o People of any age can access Online Madrassa from any part of the world

o Special programme for Quran and Tajweed learning

o Facilitates interactive learning through virtual live classes where students can listen, watch and clarify their queries.

o Facility for parents to watch their wards progress and interact with the tutors.

o Extra learning methods through assignment, group work, discussion platform, student seminar

o Special attention for students with Learning Disability.

o Online Parents meeting

o The course is structured in 8 levels. Each level will have many divisions


o Syllabus based upon curriculum of Majlis Madrassa Education Board


o Teacher student ratio of 1:20 for every virtual class room


o Courses are available in both Malayalam and English languages


o Classes are conducted by well qualified and experienced teachers hailing from different parts of the world

o Admission through online registration, online test and interview


o Software tracks the student progress, attendance, time spent, punctuality in rituals of the students


o Continuous evaluation of course syllabus as well as students overall performance


o Course certificate for those who successfully completes final exams and internal assessments


o Instant promotion for those who complete a level to the next