Virtual Campus providing
Islamic Courses for students
of Pre-Primary to Degree level
through modern E-Learning facilities

Animation Videos, Games
and Quiz Competitions
make learning easy
and comfortable

Software tracks the student progress,
attendance, time spent, punctuality in
rituals of the students etc.

Courses available in
Malayalam & English
Anytime Anywhere Anyone

Anytime Anywhere Anyone

People of any age can access Online Madrasa from any where in the world

Parents Meeting

Parents Meeting

Facilities for parents to watch their wards progress and to interact with tutors.



For who successfully completes final exams, viva and gets promoted to higher level


The Majlis has made great inroads into the territory of religious revival in the state and has made hefty contributions to its educational and cultural domains. In founding the Majlis, the trust had envisioned an educational system which frames Islam as a complete system of life. As early as 1950, the trust was making a conscious effort to set up an edifice of education that it had been holding dear for long. In the meantime a number madrasas, secondary schools and colleges have been set up by social workers across the state.